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The mount Borras (or Kaimaktsalan) is the third highest mountain in Greece and rises along the Greek-gougkoslavikis border while the bulk of the Greek section belongs to the prefecture of Pella. The term Borras not only an attraction for nature lovers and hikers. Every year thousands of skiers visiting the modern facilities of Ski Centre of Borra, while the national team and most ski schools there begin their preparation. The Ski Centre Borra-Kaimaktsalan is 45 km from the beautiful city



Bansko is the most popular destination for skiing in the Balkans. It features the largest and most modern ski center and beyond. Ideal for holiday even for those who prefer skiing but the traditional winter atmosphere in a civilized environment and alive. With 16 tracks total length of 65 km and fully equipped, it is suitable for skiers of all levels, from beginners to experienced especially to.